Groovement Positive Step Album Review

By Anna VanHorn     


            Fayetteville, Arkansas based funk band, Groovement, has a knack for choosing colorful and expressive titles. Just like their name suggests, Groovement is filled with solid grooves, funky tunes, genuine soul and melodic exuberance. Their debut album, Positive Step, appropriately earns its moniker on multiple levels. The album is filled with uplifting lyrics, accomplished musicianship, memorable songs and is masterfully engineered.

             Song titles like “Preach What You Teach,” “Karma,” and “Much Better,” keep in theme with the Positive Step premise. Lyrics reflect optimism, humor and sass, while employing catchy tunes and danceability. Drawing on decades of inspiration, the album is reminiscent of so many great musicians, while maintaining a sound that is completely original. Stevie Wonder, James Brown, JJ Grey & Mofro, Rush and Kool & the Gang are just a few of the influences Groovement seems to draw upon. 

            The marriage of the soulful, uninhibited lead vocals by Alex Carr with the expert instrumentation of the band is a perfect unity. Groovement brings the music to life with flawlessly tuneful representation of the piano and keys, guitar that is reflective and melodic while unrestrained and a sound from the saxophone that contributes greatly to the uniqueness of the band with heart and energy. The rhythm section falls right into place with dexterously funky and creative bass lines and drumbeats that are solid and rhythmically complex.

            Rarely is a debut album as successful as Positive Step manages to be. Without a doubt, it is an actual positive step for Groovement and the vast future ahead of them.